Saturday, 21 April 2012

Downloads and regrets

Sticky annoying programs you wish you had never downloaded
 For instance IMESH and MAIL.COM

You have been very silly and have installed one of these or both programs ( how unlucky can you get ! ) .
Well, don't despair, help is at hand.
Let's start with Imesh, a slimy, lousy and very very sticky program. On top of that, when you think you've closed it, it goes on running.
What you have to do is make sure you close it before you uninstall it.
For that you need to Ctrl+Alt+Del, then open your taskbar and click on "Imesh",
then "stop the process".
Then back on "control panel" to uninstall Imesh, but be careful : there is a scrolldown menu that asks
why you wish to uninstall it. You MUST tick :  I uninstall to download it again.
Et voilà ! is even simpler to get rid of : it's a plug in.
You go to your browser scrolldown menu to find "plug ins" and you should find it there.
Then you click on desactivate and there you have it, or rather you won't have it anymore.
In the box, there is a desactivation of your account. If they ask why, Lie. Say you don't need it anymore. Don't start to send angry messages, or they'll make it difficult for you to close your account.

There. Finished.
And stop downloading silly things... like I did !

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